Frequently asked questions

At ATOM Pressure Washing we use professional Honda powered pressure washers with flat surface cleaners for an even, professional clean finish. Our machines are many times more powerful than your standard garden Karcher or similar style pressure washer.

If another company has arrived to your job with an electric, plastic garden centre sized pressure washers they will not achieve the clean finish we can.


Can you bring your own water supply?

We do not carry water to jobs. An outdoor tap will be required onsite.


We have low water pressure on our tap, will this be a problem?

Not a problem, we only use your tap to fill a tank. Our machines will draw water from the tank so your tap will never be directly connected to our machines.


Can you apply a sealer to my driveway?

Sorry but we no longer provide a sealing service.



How long will it take to complete my cleaning job and how much will it cost?

This all depends on the type of job, size, drainage, weeds, accessibility and so on. There are many variables we look at when providing you with a quote.


Will pressure washing my driveway remove the sand?

We use ‘whirl-a-way’ flat surface cleaners to clean large block paving areas which unlike using lances alone, we can minimise sand loss and eliminate streaking. On average our floor cleaners remove about 10 mm – 20 mm of sand from between your blocks which is where weed root systems live. We price into every job on block paving a re-sanding service to replace this lost sand or we can advise on how to do it yourself if you would prefer. Ultimately, our professional pressure washing service will have no negative effect on your block paving. Re-sanding can only be done when the blocks are dry so this will require a revisit.


Do you use chemicals that could damage my garden or pollute the environment?

For the majority of cleaning requirements we do not use any chemicals as our machine are powerful enough to remove dirt and grim on their own, however on some surfaces a chemical may be needed, for example on oil of stubborn black spots. In this instance we would only use a chemical product that is safe and would discuss this with you first.


I’m on a water meter! Will it cost a lot to clean?

No, for the the average driveway you will not notice much difference in your normal water bill, maybe a 1 or 2 pound increase at most. We know how to use water wisely and while we are working we are always aware of how much water is being used and always switch off when water is not required.


Do I need to provide electricity?

No, our pressure washers are powered by petrol or diesel engines.


Are you affected by hosepipe bans?

For the majority of hosepipe bans we are not affected as we are a commercial business.


What is your telephone number?

You can call us on 01908 904604


Can we email you a picture?

Yes, please use the contact us form here to attach and send us a picture.