Indian Sandstone Cleaning

We find our technique at cleaning Indian Sandstone really is one of the best in the industry and really does give excellent results.

Take a look at the below pictures of a job we completed in spring 2015.

The area was quite infested with black spots, you can see them on the before pictures. The black spots can be very stubborn to remove and only professional specialist companies offering pressure washing services would succeed in removing them.  Atom Pressure Washing have developed our own way to remove these spots and give a far more superior clean to a company offering pressure washing as a side business.

If the company you have called in to provide pressure washing has left black spots behind after they have completed the work then you should have called ATOM Pressure Washing.

(Please excuse the quality of photo, these were taken on a phone)

Cleaning indian sandstone milton keynes
indian sandstone cleaners bletchley