After we have carried out Pressure Washing on your driveway as standard we brush in Kiln Dried Sand which is a sterile sand to help fill the gaps to prevent seed germination from weeds and other seeds that find themselves blown across your driveway naturally.

We can now offer greater levels of protection against weeds.

Weed inhibiting sand.

The first product we can offer is a Kiln Dried Sand that contains special organic minerals to, inhibit weed growing. This product, in our opinion does work well if the surface has been correctly treated before application. This product is great for flat surfaces but not so good for driveways that slope.

Polymetric sand.

Polymetric sand is a highly effective weed-inhibiting paving fix that cures when it comes into contact with with water to form tough, elastic joints. It does a great job at preventing weed growth and also reducing the mess Ants can make. Not only does Polymetric sand work as it should it also looks great for longer.


We use Kiln Dried Sand as standard on all jobs that require sanding but if you are interested in the above products please ask and we can discuss the products and prices.